When we’re kids, it seems like we have a thousand ideas of what we want to be when we grow up. My younger sister would proudly declare a different career aspiration on any given day with the confidence of the young and…ignorant. On Monday, she was determined to be a Rockette, on Tuesday a submarine commander, Wednesday brought about an astronaut, Thursday introduced brain surgery, and by Friday, she was hell bent on becoming a vet.

The beauty of childhood dreams is that children are confident they can do anything (partly because we tell them so), and ignorant to the demands of the job, the skills and talents necessary to perform said job, and certainly what it means to do something you think you love in order to fund your life. Sometimes, the pursuit of money and the financial obligations we all face are enough to kill the love we had for a given pursuit or profession. It’s one thing to love animals. It’s another thing entirely to commit to caring for them in order to survive. It’s a jungle out there, after all, and many of us get lost on our ventures.

That’s when it helps to have a buddy – a professional pal who knows the ropes, the shortcuts, and the way to go when you feel completely unsure where next to turn. Okay, so maybe you haven’t grown up yet, and who even knows what that really means. How can any of us prove that we’ve grown up? And, if we could, do we want to? No matter what, if you’re ready to find explore new terrain – namely, the available jobs in Claremont, NH, it’s time to call TPI Staffing.

When I Grow Up…

Before you launch your search for jobs in Claremont, NH with TPI Staffing, take a moment to think back. Hop aboard that magic carpet and recall yourself as a young, wide-eyed child. The world was your oyster, so you’d been told, and you could grow up to become whatever you dreamed of. Can you remember what that was? It’s all too typical to assume boys want to grow up to become men in uniform of some sort – firefighters, police officers, military muscle, while girls want to be moms, nurses, or teachers. Better yet, children conceive of their future jobs based strictly on what they like. Most of them aren’t considering salary, benefits, or stock options. No, they like the look of certain jobs, the tasks they believe certain jobs entail. Of course, we all know the reality of job searching and job satisfaction bucks these molds.

When I taught fourth grade, I had a student, who arguably would grow up to be a real threat – a good-looking, kind-hearted kid, who was whip-smart, and came from a nice family, who lived on the “right” side of the tracks. Perhaps because I wasn’t sure if I still wanted to teach, I asked him one day what he wanted to be when he grew up. He knew immediately, though he was on the fence. Without taking a breath, he said he wanted to be a brain surgeon or a waiter at Bertucci’s. Those literally looked like the two coolest jobs he could imagine. You kind of have to respect that. And maybe take a page out of his book…and then make a few edits.

What did you want to do when you grew up? Better yet, can you recall why? Did you think being in the military looked cool because you wanted to take down the bad guys? Or you thought it would be cool to fly planes, man a tank, and travel the world? Even if you’re past your prime, so to speak, and no longer eligible for active duty or otherwise, you ought to consider how you might find those sparks of interest along other professional avenues. Sure, maybe you won’t pilot the plane, but what about working in a plant that manufactures all the necessary components to fly a plan?

You’ll have the opportunity to explore these questions and their subsequent answers when you schedule you interview at TPI Staffing. Unlike a typical job interview, you needn’t stress about proving your worth or abilities when you meet with your TPI teammate. Rather, you’ll engage in conversations similar to this, in which you’ll try to get at what makes you tick. What makes you want to get out of bed and report for duty? What job, for example, would you do even if you weren’t paid? Similar to that, think of a job that you just couldn’t be paid enough to even consider doing.

The wise Chinese philosopher, Confucius, sagely advised, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Of course, you need the right compensation and work-life balance in order to meet you financial demands, alongside the demands of family, friends, and dare we say…fun. But, at TPI Staffing, we believe you can have it all. Work needn’t always associate with a “grind.” If you think carefully about what inspires and motivates you, and can articulate it with the help of the TPI team, they will be able to pair you with your perfect opportunity.

How Do I Get Started?

So glad you asked. Exploring the abundance of exciting jobs in Claremont, NH is a cinch. Simply pop online and scope out the TPI Staffing website. From there, you can sneak a peek at the postings in the area and see which ones strike your fancy. For each that does, try to state why you’re interested. What about that particular job speaks to you? Considering these questions ahead of your interview will fast track your progress with your TPI teammate.

Contact TPI while you’re online and take a minute to set up that interview to speak with a TPI staffing professional. Before you arrive, you’ll need to fill out a brief form, which simply details your contact information and how best to reach and at what times.

During your interview, be completely honest with your TPI agent, regarding not only what you want to do, but also what you absolutely don’t want to do. It’s likely safe to argue that my former student, now in college, is not willing to flip a coin on the brain surgery-Bertucci’s conundrum. Neither should you just accept whatever job is out there because you need the money, or worry about any lags in your employment history. Rest assured, the TPI team will match you with a job, but ensuring it’s the right job for you is, in fact, your job. Regardless of how talented the TPI team is, none of them are mind readers. Do a little self-reflection before applying to these jobs in Claremont, NH, and you’ll likely land in a better spot.

Not sure what you’re looking for or where you should target your search? Not to worry – you’ve enlisted the help of experts, men and women who are trained to tap into an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, even when that individual is convinced his or her best bet is to run away and join the circus.

Buck the big top for now and call TPI Staffing to finally realize what you always wanted to be…


About the Author:

After earning her MA from Dartmouth College in 2008, Amanda Silva received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2012. Since then, her work has been published in bioStories - later anthologized in bioStories’ Mothers and Other Creatures, Empty Sink, Emrys Journal, The Riding Light Review, Silver Birch Press, and Vine Leaves Literary Journal - later anthologized in The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2012. When she is not pursuing her own writing projects, she creates content for both large, international corporations, as well as smaller local and independent businesses. Interested readers are invited to check out her website and portfolio at www.amandafsilva.com