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Brian Burgess

Brian Burgess

GM - New England Career Connection - Brattleboro, VT Office

I’ve been with NECC since January 2017 and enjoy every minute of it. There’s no better feeling than lending a helping hand in a person’s life.

On my off days, you can usually find me with my wife at a local restaurant sampling a flight of craft beer, or binge watching The Office or How I Met Your Mother, or even playing my ukulele or guitar.

The path that lead me to NECC was through numerous retail management jobs, a call center position, and even a selector at C&S. Through all of that, I knew I really just wanted to help people. Each day, I pushed myself further to gain more experience to be able to land a position that would become my career.

NECC gives me the opportunity to meet new people, find out what they enjoy, and collaborate on finding the perfect career for them. That’s what I love to do!