No matter where you find yourself in this country of ours, if you find yourself looking for a job, you might be feeling a little lost. In need of direction, a compass, a trailblazing buddy, some kind of assistance on your search. Looking for a job can feel like a lonely venture, made even more isolating by botched interviews, lowball offers, or worse – no offer at all.

Helpful hints for job seekers can even vary from one state to the next, depending on the state of each, uh…state. Even then, depending on the situation, there are those factors outside of your control that will impact your job search. On the flipside, there are factors only you can control and that is where you need to focus your efforts. Still, it helps to know what you’re up against in order to shore up your strength and target your energy in the right direction.

If, for example, you looking for jobs in NH – and we can’t blame you; after all, ours is a kick ass state, you’ll want to bear a few realities in mind. Better yet, don’t concern yourself with those external forces, and instead, leave those in the expert hands of the team at TPI Staffing. When it comes to finding jobs in NH, our crew is unbeatable and committed to helping you secure your NH dream job.

Check out the job scene in NH and see why TPI Staffing is the sidekick you need if you want to start this job-seeking journey on the right foot…

The Lowdown on Jobs in NH

In order to strategize your job search – it’s a good idea to know the landscape. You’re going to be pounding the pavement in a state that has a unique job situation. Let’s start in the valley and then ascend to the peak. From that vantage point, you’ll be better able to see the whole picture in front of you and figure out which way to move forward.

Down in the Valley – Energy is Expensive

Allow me to explain. Right now, jobs in NH are suffering a shift and moving elsewhere. Major companies, like SIG Sauer, are relocating their digs to other states for two critical reasons. The first is out of your control – although, phone calls, emails, and letters (anyone still send those?) to your elected officials (doesn’t matter if you personally elected them or not) can go a long way. So, even in this case, you do, in fact, have a measure of agency. When the people speak, the powers-that-be have to listen. Eventually. Right?

Sayonara, SIG Sauer!

So, here’s the deal…major corporations like SIG Sauer, which has created more than 1,400 jobs in NH, are packing up and moving outta here because they simply can’t keep footing the bill. The power bill, that is. Jeff Chierepko, Director of SIG Sauer Facilities, put it bluntly: “It’s energy supply. We don’t have enough of it.”

Sound familiar? Thought so. Who hasn’t struggled to pay a power bill? Yes, these are big businesses, but still, if resources can be found cheaper elsewhere the jobs move…elsewhere.

In this case, the SIG Sauer jobs are moving to Arkansas because power is SIGnificantly cheaper there. How much cheaper? Well, the power bill in NH exceeds 12 cents per kilowatt-hour. In Arkansas, it’s cheaper by more than half that amount. All told, this will save SIG Sauer an estimated $1 million each year. In other words, this is a budgeting no-brainer. Or, as Chierepko put it, “Business has to do what it has to do (to) remain competitive. Hopefully, there is a message being received.”

Make like Trump and take to Twitter, people! What makes this an even harder pill to swallow was Chierepko’s claim that New Hampshire was SIG Sauer’s number one choice for a place to expand its facilities, but the power bill proved the final point. So, now, instead of the Granite State, the Natural State will be home to a new SIG Sauer 70,000-square-foot facility, not to mention all the jobs within it. Naturally.

But, just as TPI Staffing has got your back, it looks like Governor-Elect Chris Sununu is taking this energy issue seriously. (Direct your tweets his way, folks).

What’s Sununu’s grand plan with respect to energy, and maintaining jobs in NH? He’s got a few ideas in mind, from the sounds of it. According to Sununu, “Now there are lots of pieces to that puzzle. There’s renewable energy. What are we doing with our current infrastructure? We have new plants that are going offline. We have Northern Pass coming in. We have the potential for natural gas, but it has to be done the New Hampshire way. The right way.”

Amen, sir. Live free or die, but get us some jobs in the process…Of course, we can’t leave it all to Sununu, or any other politician, lobbyist, business owner or bureaucrat. The next dose of reality with respect to jobs in NH has your name on it. Your name…

SIG Sauer Got Sapped…

And not just of energy. Sure, power bills were a big player in this scenario. But, consider this…not only is SIG Sauer short on juice, it’s short on job applicants. SIG Sauer cannot recruit talent for open positions at its New Hampshire facility. How many positions are we talking about? As of last month, when this WMUR article ran, there were 200. This, after SIG Sauer dedicated an area at its own headquarters so that a training program organized by a local community college could provide applicants with the skills necessary to succeed at SIG Sauer. Nice idea, but you can’t train crickets.

And this is where YOU come in…

Jolt to Action!

It would be something on the order of a Christmas miracle to imagine that all 200 of those jobs have already been filled. This is your chance to take a hot minute and claim your measure of control in this situation. Start applying to these gigs with the help of TPI Staffing. You have no excuse and nothing to lose. If you’ve been out of the market for a while, can’t find your resume, get red-faced by the unwelcomed memory of your last interview, aren’t sure you know exactly how to pronounce SIG Sauer – don’t sweat it! At TPI, you’ll partner with a group of professionals who excel at prepping potential candidates to re-enter the job force, no matter how long it’s been or what your past employment history looks like.

Of course, SIG Sauer is just one example of a major manufacturer in New Hampshire that is in dire need of talent. If firearms aren’t exactly your forte, no problem! Consider positions at other companies like Lindt, Sprungli, and Whelen Engineering. These places have been spotlighted by the media recently – same article, in fact – as companies in need of talent, yet unable to find applicants.

Let’s say none of these companies line up with your experience or interest. Never mind! Check in with TPI Staffing and see for yourself the number of companies in need of new hires, from entry-level candidates to experienced employees. Take control of the tools in your arsenal by reaching out to a TPI Staffing agent today. Once you’ve made a connection, your TPI support will help you dust off and review your resume, make necessary tweaks, and get your name in front of the right people. The people looking to hire candidates like you.

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