Long weekends are great when you can actually enjoy them without a care in the world. But for those of you looking for jobs in Claremont, NH, the long weekend afforded by President’s Day offers a unique opportunity to get a jump on the competition. You need a job, not another day off. As such, you should take advantage of the holiday to pause for the cause and post up to your computer. Skip the bars, deny the couch surfing, and buckle down to embark on a better professional and personal life than the one you’re currently enduring. After all, life should not be endured, but enjoyed. Granted, it’s damn near impossible to do that if your job, or lack thereof, makes you want to swan dive off the nearest tall building.

Who better to get some sage professional advice from than the Founding Fathers? In honor of President’s Day, let the team at TPI Staffing help you campaign for one of the jobs in Claremont, NH you were born to do. Born under a bad sign? No sweat…TPI Staffing can help you rewrite history and embark on a career that will better your lot in life…bigly. (Note: We at TPI Staffing acknowledge that Trump is not a Founding Father, but he does mean business).

High-Level HR Nightmares

Granted, depending on their time in office, these seven men might not have felt particularly lucky. But, for a quick history lesson, some of our nation’s Founding Fathers include: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe, and Benjamin Franklin.

What’s the matter? Think you can’t take some advice from those who’ve climbed the ranks to become leader of the Free World? Think again. These men were about as human and flawed as the rest of us. And there was no climbing of ranks in most cases. Nor was the United States even yet a thing, if we’re talking Washington and Jefferson, anyway, neither were considered leaders of the “Free World.” There wasn’t much free back then…just ask Jefferson.

So, let’s take a gander at the gaffes of a few of our Founding Fathers, not because they’re not here to defend themselves, but because they endured. They persisted. They rose above. And that, we suspect, might be a worthy lesson for those of you looking for jobs in Claremont, NH.

A Presidential Rap Sheet – The Top Five Taboos

The good people at bio. took the time to list the less-than-desirable HR traits that our Founding Fathers exhibited. If you’re looking for full disclosure, read The Founding Fathers: Who Were They Really? For our purposes, we’ve nabbed the top five notorious examples of bad behavior that continue to plague job seekers today. Consider this your executive list of what not to do, whether it’s on a job interview or just another day in your daily grind.

George Washington – Potty Mouth

Our first president was notorious for his temper, but some of his colleagues even reported a pretty putrid potty mouth on the leader of the American Revolution. In fact, it was during the Revolutionary War that Washington’s penchant for obscenities proved problematic. General Charles Scott recalled Washington chewing out another of his generals for a botched military maneuver: “He swore that day until till the leaves shook on the trees. Charming! Delightful! Never have I enjoyed such swearing before or since. Sir, on that memorable day he swore like an angel from heaven.” Great Scott!

Lesson One: Keep it clean when it comes to inner-office dialogue.

Thomas Jefferson – Cat Got Your Tongue?

Tongue twisters were toxic for Thomas Jefferson, who could barely manage to translate his thoughts in a way that others could understand. Aware of his affliction, Jefferson made every effort to keep mum, to the point where John Adams claimed “the whole time I sat with him in Congress, I never heard him utter three sentences together.” Well, this clearly would prove problematic for applicants seeking jobs in Claremont, NH.

Lesson Two: Take a breath, practice your interviewing skills and on-demand delivery with the team at TPI Staffing and nothing will be lost in translation.

John Adams – Just a Jerk

You know that game where you’re asked, “If you could invite anyone to dinner, either deceased or still alive, who would it be?” Well, according to bio., it should not be John Adams. The guy was a real nitwit, prompting Ben Franklin to quip that he was “an honest man, often a wise one, but oftentimes and in some things, absolutely out of his senses.” Apparently, his wife liked him well enough. Really challenges “bros before…” (You know the rest!).

Lesson Three: Word to the wise, dismount from your high horse and be cordial to your colleagues.

Benjamin Franklin – Put Your Pants On, Sir!

Yeah, the thinker who bestowed upon our nation a wealth of philosophical, political, and scientific gifts, couldn’t keep his pants on. Not like Bill Clinton couldn’t keep it in his pants, Franklin liked banging around in the buff. His “air baths” involved standing in his birthday suit in front of open windows, regardless of who might have shared his views…literally. We needn’t tell you that all of our jobs in Claremont, NH require pants.

Lesson Four: No shirt, no shoes, no pants…no job.

James Madison – I Need a Dolla, Dolla…

More than 200 years after the fact, one could argue that Aloe Blacc essentially wrote Madison’s theme song. After trying, and failing, to get his wife’s son from her previous marriage out of debt, Madison died with essentially nothing. Let this be a lesson to us all…

Lesson Five: Check your baggage at the door.

Take it to the Next Level at TPI Staffing

Ready to make an executive decision when it comes to the available jobs in Claremont, NH? Your campaign will be simple. All you need to do is contact the team at TPI Staffing, conveniently located in Claremont, NH, of course, but also Lebanon, NH, Keene, NH, and Brattleboro, VT.

Start with either a quick phone call or make the time to drop by one of these four locations. From there, you will need to fill out a simple form, which is a no-brainer. All you’re sharing with the TPI crew at this point is how best to contact you and your availability.

Once that’s established, you’ll need to set up a time for an in-house interview. Take what you know or have experienced regarding job interviews and forget it. Rather than prove you’re the best applicant for a job or lobby for a position you’re not the right candidate for, have an honest chat with your TPI associate – think of him or her as your VP.

A word of advice…since you’re not trying to land a job in this interview, it’s best to be completely honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Recognize a bit of yourself in one of our Founding Fathers listed above? That’s fine. Share it and start to figure out how you might overcome that particular foible, or determine what type of job might exacerbate it. What are you hoping to accomplish when in office? Are you after a bigger paycheck? Full benefits? Want to hone a particular skill? Dazzle the higher-ups with your creative problem-solving prowess?

Whatever motivates you to explore the jobs in Claremont, NH is worth sharing with your VP at TPI so that he or she can ensure that you are matched with the job that will bring out your best and keep you off lists, such as the one above, in the future.

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