Another year is upon us and with it the chance to the score yourself a gem out of the diamond mine of jobs in NH. When it comes to the job hunt itself, it’s best to approach the landscape of opportunity with backup. Solo job-seeking missions can be difficult; in some cases, so daunting that the pursuit is abandoned before it’s even really attempted.

This is especially true if you’re currently unemployed, and have been for a while. Sure, applying to jobs is like riding a bicycle. You never really forget how to do it, but you might feel a bit rusty when you reclaim those handlebars. Not to mention, we’re finally coming off the seemingly endless spend-cycle of holiday giving, and that no doubt put added weight on your mind…and wallet. A stressed-out mind is an exhausted one, and not reliable when it comes to clear thinking, patience, or precision.

Shake off the holiday stresses and get ready to embark on your next endeavor with some expert help. When it comes to finding jobs in NH, no agency is better suited, or more experienced, at handling both the big picture and the finer details required to get you gainfully employed in no time. Let TPI Staffing help you see the forest through the trees and tag that job opportunity you’ve long been tracking…but perhaps have given up on.

Why Do You Need TPI Staffing?

As The Beatles famously declared over the airwaves in the summer of 1967, we all get by a little bit better, “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Finding jobs in NH is easier when you’ve got the support of those whose dedicated job is helping others secure one of their very own. Just as you might be a skilled carpenter or administrative assistant with years of experience, the TPI team represents the know-how needed to navigate the employment arena.

Who are the Team at TPI?

The team at TPI Staffing represents the best friends any job seeker could ask for in and around the Upper Valley. A collaborative crew consisting of TPI’s President, Vice-President, Directors, General Managers, Recruiting Specialists, and Employee Relations Specialists, at TPI, our success is the sum of our parts and our parts are our exceptional people.

Where Can I Find a TPI Office?

If finding a job in NH is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you’ll benefit from a visit to one of the TPI offices, conveniently located in Claremont, Keene, and Lebanon. Of course, we can’t forget our neighbors just to the north, and have a dedicated staff in Brattleboro for you folks looking for opportunities on the Vermont side of the valley.

How Long Has TPI Staffing Been Around?

TPI Staffing has honed its expertise in pairing candidates with the right opportunities since 1987. In the thirty years that we’ve been in business, we have dedicated our efforts to understanding the landscape of the Upper Valley, regarding its residents, newcomers, and places of employment. Whether you’re entry-level, have zero experience, or have long committed yourself to a specific trade, at TPI Staffing, we’re confident our know-how will support your search, and ultimately result in your successful placement at a job you love.

The Scene: Jobs in New Hampshire

As maddening as it can be to secure new employment, those of you looking for jobs in NH are, in fact, characters on a unique stage. The employment situation is rather unusual when you consider our state compared to the rest of the country. Why? As it turns out, as opposed to the rest of the union, in New Hampshire, we have more jobs than applicants. You might be reading this as a frustrated job seeker and thinking, no freaking way. If there are so many open positions out there, why am I not filling one of them?

Fair question. And, of course, there is no single answer when it comes to the nuances of individual job searches. However, part of the problem could be where you’re looking – or not looking, as the case may be. Because, the fact of the matter is, no matter your skillset, it seems more applicants than not are simply not looking…

Are Prospective Applicants Flying Blind?

Consider this article, It’s a Buyer’s Market for Job Seekers in New Hampshire, published in Manchester’s Union Leader, which cites an apparent and alarming lack of applicants to postings and job fairs around the state. According to this October 2016 article, a state job fair hosted at the Lilac Mall in Rochester featured nearly 75 employers looking to fill positions – a whopping 1,307 positions to be exact. All told, a mere 84 candidates attended the job fair. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise; however, given that only four months prior, a June job fair, hosted in Manchester, brought in 337 applicants for more than 1,200 available positions.

According to our own commissioner of New Hampshire Employment Security, George Copadis, “Now you’re in a position of employers are seeking qualified help and are unable to find a qualified skilled workforce because there just aren’t that many people out there seeking employment.”

This is a key example – two actually – of why serious job seekers should enlist the guidance of TPI Staffing. We all, employed or not, lead busy lives. It’s not hard to imagine missing an advertisement or Facebook post, or news bulletin, regarding any upcoming job fair. When you position TPI Staffing as your co-pilot, these events become moot points because you have a direct access to the positions these employers are desperate to fill.

Target Secured, aka, The Silver Lining of Your Job Search

Okay, so we’ve got a situation in which job fairs are happening and no one is showing up. You need a job, but missed the memo on these events in the first place, and the endless online applications you’ve submitted yielded nothing. You’re still unemployed, despite your best efforts, and this blogger is suggesting you try swinging a dead cat around to hit your target of a new job. (Not really, just borrowing that old expression).

Take heart. Or at least, feel cheered by the news shared above. One financial analyst certainly has, according to The Boston Globe. Brian Gottlob of PolEcon Research, studies economic patterns on the state level and had this to say, regarding New Hampshire: “Obviously, it’s good news from one perspective – it means people who are in the labor market and want to work have a very good chance of finding a job.”

We might add, “…Providing they have the right help to do so.” In this case, the “right help” comes from the team at TPI Staffing, staffed by individuals who keep their fingers on the pulse of employment trends in New Hampshire. Take the fast track to finding a new job by hitching your wagon to the star staff at TPI, each of who is committed to helping you land the opportunity you’ve been reaching for, but somehow just missing.

Here Comes the Sun…Shining at TPI Staffing

Let’s revisit The Beatles’ catalog for a moment and hopefully inspire you to call for reinforcements, in this case, your friends at TPI Staffing, who are standing by to get your new year started off in good company. Any company! As we’ve said, there are plenty of companies currently looking to fill positions and find the best candidates for these jobs in NH. Let TPI Staffing light the way…

Let TPI Staffing light the way…




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