Mother Nature has been a real fickle beast lately, but Father Time has marched on, bringing us one step closer to spring. While she may get in one more punch via a snowstorm or deep freeze, the snow is starting to melt and soon enough shoots will brave their way past through the ground. Spring is a time long associated with renewal…and cleaning. Is it time you did some sprucing up and got serious about scoring one of the many available jobs in Lebanon, NH? If so, you’re in luck. A recent study conducted by U.S. News & World Report proves that New Hampshire ranks higher than any other state in the country for opportunity. If America is known as the “Land of Opportunity,” the “Granite State” is the headquarters.

What does this mean for you, eager job seeker of the Upper Valley? It means you have your pick of the crop and that crop is yielding a serious harvest this year. With more jobs available than skilled workers to fill them, you can choose the opportunity that is ideal for your unique situation and skill set.

The question now is, how do you find these jobs and start applying? By taking advantage of the outstanding team at TPI Staffing – your destination for all jobs in Lebanon, NH. Spring into action with this sharp, yet simple strategy and you’ll be in business in no time.

Opportunity Knocks in New Hampshire

According to U.S. News & World Report, it doesn’t just knock – it barges right in and makes itself at home all across the Granite State. Ranked number one for opportunity – and number two, overall – it seems Opportunity is all about the “Live Free or Die” spirit that has fired up New Hampshire’s residents since its days as a colony. How can you harness this energy and find your optimal opportunity? By telling TPI to open the door…

With the professional guidance of the TPI team, all you have to do is step over the threshold and into your new job.

Understand What’s Out There…

There’s value in that old saying, “Look before you leap,” and to that end, you might want to take a look at the jobs in Lebanon, NH that are listed on TPI’s website. Check out the variety of jobs, as well as detailed descriptions of each one. You’ll be able to read about skill or experience requirements, the type of shifts available, and where the job is actually located.

You might want to make your casual perusal of these positions more meaningful by keeping notes on which opportunities strike your fancy…and why? Think of the demands of your day as they stand now. Surely the schedule of a single guy with no kids offers a bit more flexibility than that of you fellas who have to squeeze in carpooling and after-school activities.

It’s important to consider your limitations before you start applying to jobs. Not education or experiential limitations, but logistical ones as well. If you need to work second shift, make sure you confirm which shift is advertised on TPI’s job board. While this might seem obvious, if you need a new job NOW – now, like yesterday, the smallest, most obvious details can soon feel overwhelming. Take a gander, see if you can make sense of what’s out there, but then contact TPI and know that in doing so, you’ll have all the guidance you could possibly need.

Get Real to Get a Job

After you’ve contacted TPI, you’ll be required to fill out a contact form so that your staffing agent can easily get in touch when he or she finds the right job for you. How will he or she know which job is right? Because you will present the most accurate, honest depiction of yourself and your professional history when you meet with your agent for an interview.

Granted, you should never lie in an interview, but it’s safe to bet we’ve all embellished or avoided the truth of our abilities, job performance, and employment history when we’re actually face-to-face with the hiring manager. Your staffing agent is not a hiring manager. Leave any embellishment or omissions at the door and get real about what makes you, you. The more your TPI Staffing agent understands about you as a prospective employee and person, the better he or she will be able to match you with that “right” job.

Not a morning person? Fess up when your agent presents your with a possible job that requires you report at 7:00 a.m. Wish you were a people person, but actually can’t stand most people? This is also helpful information. Rest assured, your agent isn’t in the business of judging you as an applicant, but evaluating where you best fit in the overall employment puzzle. You’re in the judgment-free zone, so own your piece and earn your place in the “Land of Opportunity.”

Where To?

Well, that’s up to you and your team at TPI Staffing. After you’ve completed your contact form and interview, the rest is up to a bit of research (on your agent’s part) and readiness (on yours). Imagine if your agent contacted you tomorrow with a job opportunity that was 100% in line with what you’ve been looking for. Do you feel ready to interview? Are you comfortable about going in and speaking to that hiring manager now? If not, you need to take advantage of the resources afforded to you, thanks to you connection with the TPI team. Schedule some time to stop by the office and practice your interviewing skills with your agent, or another on the team.

How’s that resume looking? Sure, you’re not blindly submitting to job postings online. TPI has tracked down the job for you. Even so, as an applicant, you’ll want to put your best, most professional foot forward and ensure that you can present a resume that stands on its own. Once again, TPI is there to help polish your resume and finesse any areas that otherwise prove problematic. For example, do you have a significant time lag between gigs? No doubt, there’s very good reason for this. A well-structured cover letter to accompany your resume can bring that reason to light in a reasonable, completely legitimate presentation.

One Shot at a First (Lasting) Impression

Separate of your professional materials and interviewing skills, how about your personal presentation? Gents, how long has it been since you’ve had a shave and a haircut? Can you locate your iron? A wrinkled shirt or pants will take the assertiveness out of the strongest handshake, so make sure your duds are in dapper condition. Same goes for your grooming. Maybe you’re about to interview for a job at a super-casual environment. Get comfortable later, make the right impression during your interview.

Ladies, I’m looking at you, too. Ditto the hair (maybe even the shaving), but also check your nails. Ours is a judge-y society and a crisp suit or dress will look lackluster if your nails look like claws or are bitten down to the nub. Yeah, we say “best foot forward” –  make it two best hands, as well.

Now that you’ve been bossed around in this blog, it’s time to get you one step closer to reporting to your real boss waiting for you at any of the jobs in Lebanon, NH. The fastest, most opportune way to make that happen is by contacting TPI Staffing, today.

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