When it comes to an abundance of jobs in Keene, NH, opportunity is knocking. And it’s up to you to answer the door. Not sure you’ll hear the knock? Not to worry. With TPI Staffing, you’ve got an extra set of ears and eyes on the lookout. Speaking of jobs, is it time you made a switch to a position more worthy of your skillset? Or, if you’ve been out of the market for a while, wouldn’t you like some expert assistance finding your next great opportunity?

Whether you’re new to the workforce, a drone looking for a new hive, or a veteran eager to make another splash in the pool of potential jobs, TPI Staffing is your ally. And you couldn’t ask for a better territory to explore than Keene, NH. Between its diverse, yet authentically New England landscape, to its scenic backdrop, Keene is a city that pulses to the beat of the past and present, while looking ahead to the future.

If you want to be a character on that future stage, contact TPI Staffing today and discover the wealth of jobs in Keene, NH, awaiting your application. Not sure which direction to head? We’ve got your roadmap at the ready. Next stop – your new job in Keene, NH.

N, S, E, W?

It doesn’t matter which direction you come from, so long as your compass is pointed directly at Keene, and all the jobs contained within that one geographic location. This veritable treasure trove of opportunity can be yours for the taking, if you get in touch with TPI Staffing, whose team can easily unlock it for you. How so? Copyright infringement restricts us from suggesting it’s so easy a rock eating early human could do it, but you get the idea.

Reach Out!

All you have to do to access the jobs in Keene, NH is make a simple call to your local TPI Staffing office or search online right now! With four locations situated across the Western part of the state, you’re sure to enjoy easy access to a TPI team working practically in your backyard. Give them a call and submit your contact form, which is nothing more than that – a way for your TPI agent to get in touch with you as soon as he or she locates the right opportunity for your unique strengths and skillset. Make sure your contact information – address, email, and phone number are up to date so that as soon as your TPI team member tracks down your next ideal job, he or she will be able to contact you, without fail.

Get Personal.

Part of the perk of working with the TPI Staffing team is the targeted, one-on-one attention that you’ll receive as a job seeker. Trust us, you won’t get this kind of individualized attention elsewhere. Unlike temp staffing agencies, TPI has a vested interest in placing the right candidates in the right jobs. After all, it’s a win-win…win. The employer benefits by having a kick ass employee, you’re stoked to have a new and amazing job, and we look good for making it all happen.

In order to make it happen, we need to know you. But for real, know you. In other words, you can’t treat the interview process with us the way you might on an actual job interview. Look. No one likes job interviews. They’re nerve-wracking, often boring, and, in many cases, a total waste of time. You don’t get the job and spend the next few days, weeks, who knows? Months? Wondering why. Why didn’t you land that job? Granted, you might know full well why. You might know that you weren’t qualified and the job was a long shot at best. Or, you might have thought – and even been – a shoe-in, but an ill-time joke, borne out of nerves, railroaded you in front of the hiring manager. It doesn’t matter to TPI why your solo job searches have yielded nothing but dead ends because we know that with us, these scenarios are relegated to the past.

So, if you’re serious about your job search, prepare to get real.

When you partner with TPI, we need you to be prepared to take an honest look at yourself, as an applicant and as a person. Here’s the deal – we’re not in the business of judging for kicks. We need to know what makes you tick – and better yet, what doesn’t, if we’re going to place you where you belong.

For example, hate small talk? Rather not know about your colleague’s kid’s charity drive or Girl Scout cookie sale? There’s a job for that. It’s third shift and it just might have your name on it. On the flip side…do you greet the morning with a smile and fist bump? Great. You’re pulling early detail. What we mean is, help us help you. If there is something that has stood in the way of your success in the past, and we can help you overcome it, we want to know. At the end of the day, we want to pair you with your dream job situation. So, if you’re a night owl – tell us. We won’t even consider an early AM detail for you, because doing so would let you, your employer, and ultimately, us down.

Get real and get us the deets on what kind of job suits your strengths, your lifestyle, and your ambitions best.

Defense is the Best Offense

Before you present yourself before a hiring manager, foreman, or supervisor of any kind, take a hot minute to scope out your situation. Are your professional materials up to date? In other words, how’s that resume looking? While we’re on the topic of looks, how are you looking these days? Moment of truth, here – being unemployed or toiling away in the wrong job can take its toll. So, hit the reset button. Whether that means a clean shave and a haircut, or a quick manicure and eyebrow wax, make yourself presentable and put your best foot forward before you even think of stepping into your interview.

It’s as Easy as – One, Two, Three

Get in touch, get real, and get ready. That’s really all you need to know when it comes to working with TPI Staffing and finding your next job in Keene, NH. Treat yourself to the upgrade you know you deserve by first, accepting help with your job search, and second, targeting an area of the Granite State that is routinely celebrated for its diversity, heritage, and ongoing commitment to commerce. When it comes to jobs in the Live Free or Die State, you’ll have a tough time targeting a richer landscape than the one that is thriving in Keene, NH.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Okay, lame. But you know that expression. And when it comes to you and TPI, the fact is you just can’t lose. Take advantage of all the jobs in Keene, NH by partnering with TPI Staffing today. After all, the TPI team works every day to the motto, “Inspired to be hired.” At the end of the day, aren’t you? Get in touch with TPI Staffing and take the next step to the job you were destined to do.

About the Author:

After earning her MA from Dartmouth College in 2008, Amanda Silva received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2012. Since then, her work has been published in bioStories - later anthologized in bioStories’ Mothers and Other Creatures, Empty Sink, Emrys Journal, The Riding Light Review, Silver Birch Press, and Vine Leaves Literary Journal - later anthologized in The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal 2012. When she is not pursuing her own writing projects, she creates content for both large, international corporations, as well as smaller local and independent businesses. Interested readers are invited to check out her website and portfolio at www.amandafsilva.com