Barwell Extruder Operator

Job Responsibilities:

  • Operate the machinery to produce rubber to specifications.
  • Perform changeovers, which include tear down of set-ups, cleaning of Machine and die holders, selection of proper dies and adjustment of controls.
  • Mill rubber to specifications.
  • Maintain an acceptable quality level.
  • Roll rubber into pigs as required.
  • Process all scrap.
  • Maintain all paperwork needed for the process.
  • Operate the extruders pre-form machine to produce rubber pre-forms to specifications.
  • Operate r.p.m., temperature, volume, blade speed and vacuum controls.
  • Perform changeovers on the extruder machines, which include the teardown of set-ups, cleaning of the extruder and die holders, selection and installation of proper dies and adjustment of controls to produce preforms.
  • Slit all rubber to fit into the extruder feed box.
  • Mill and cut rubber for extruders as required.
  • Process all scrap and dispose of properly or per instruction.
  • Handle other auxiliary equipment necessary to the operation of equipment such as cooling tanks, storage trays, racks and boxes.
  • Maintain all paperwork and testing involved in manufacturing and quality systems.

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