After four exciting years of social awkwardness, partying, and a sprinkling of academia – you find yourself in a state of limbo. While some of your classmates are packing their car full of dorm room necessities, you are drawn toward the workforce instead. An admirable choice, especially when you consider how many well-paying  jobs after graduation are waiting for someone just like you to fill.

Jobs Waiting For High School Graduates
Did you know that, despite what others may have told you, there are actually great paying jobs available to high school graduates? While some require getting your foot in the door by taking a lower paying position, some will hire graduates at a higher rate from the start. There is nothing quite like realizing your dreams and goals, without having to spend another four years in academia in order to do so.

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Top Paying Jobs for High School Grads
Very recently, Forbes published an article outlining the highest paying jobs after graduation for recent high school grads. Ranging in industry, pay, and experience necessary for employment – the following were recognized as the top paying jobs for individuals with a high school diploma. Check out each of those positions listed below, along with any on-the-job training required to achieve the median annual income.

  • Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers – Boasting a median annual wage of $86,630, this is reported as the highest paying position that does not require a college education. While this particular position may not require any sort of training in order to qualify – managing entire teams of individuals or a department is no cake walk. Typical duties include supervising teams, directing routing operations, and setting/following budgets.
  • Elevator Installers and Maintainers – This physically demanding job was reported to have the second highest paying median annual wage, which sits right about $80,000. An apprenticeship program isn’t always required by employers, but it is a likely request to keep in mind due to the sometimes dangerous and uncomfortable working conditions that this job entails.
  • Detectives – If you grew up watching Law and Order episodes with your mom like I did, then chances are you have at the very least entertained the idea of becoming a detective or criminal investigator. Higher education in the form of University or a College degree usually isn’t necessary, but interested high school graduates should expect to attend and graduate from a formal training academy. The average detective makes over $77,000 a year, which means that this might be one of the most exciting (and well paying) jobs after graduation to investigate.
  • First-Line Supervisors and Non-Retail Sales – Think sales manager, sales supervisor, or branch manager for this particular employment category. On average, individuals in these types of positions make right around $72,000 per year. Similar to other management positions, applicants should expect general duties to include accounting, budgeting, and supervising sales employees. Formal training or education is not required, however, high school grads shouldn’t expect to fall into this high-paying position. Most often, these employees work their way up from the bottom. If you are willing to put in a little bit of time and extra elbow grease, you could be well on your way to securing a similar salary.
  • Transportation Inspectors – Another high paying position for job seekers without a higher level education, transportation inspectors make just under $71,000 on average each year. Individuals in this profession will inspect several different types of transportation including rail, flight, and fleet. On-the-job training is moderate, but required in order to properly execute job duties. If the generous salary wasn’t enough, nearly half of transportation inspectors work for the government, which means added benefits and increased job security.
  • Postmasters and Mail Superintendents – Individuals with a high school diploma can apply for and acquire these types of positions, with the median annual wage being $70,640. Despite the fact that these jobs do not require formal advanced degrees, applicants should possess strong leadership and management skills in order to be considered. Organization skills are also a plus, along with business administration knowledge.
  • Farmers, Ranchers, and Agricultural Workers – On average, an individual in this type of position makes around $64,000 per year. No formal training is required to apply for this position, which means that as long as you are eager and willing to learn, you have a good chance of scoring a job as a farmer or agricultural worker.
  • Construction Trades Supervisors – Individuals in this position regularly take home $62,000 each year. While a formal college education is not required for this job, applicants can expect to complete an apprenticeship program before making close to the average salary.
  • Boilermakers – Perhaps one of the less-appealing jobs on this list, boilermakers often make upwards of $60,000. Typical training includes an apprenticeship, which ensures that the candidate is able to perform the sometimes dangerous job duties in uncomfortable environments. Part of the appeal for high school graduates to apply for this position includes regular travel that can turn into extended periods of time in different parts of the country. Perfect for the unattached recent graduate looking to see a bit of the country, being a boilermaker might offer you exactly what you are looking for.

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