You’ve crossed the stage, shaken hands with the dean, are the proud owner of a shiny new diploma – and are now tasked with finding jobs after graduation. Let us be the first to say, congratulations! Such an exciting time in your life was no doubt met with a series of parties thrown in your honor, congratulatory glasses raised in salute of all your hard work finally paying off, and plenty of advice as to what you should do with the next blank chapter.

As the final partygoer heads home, and the last two glasses clink in exaltation, you find yourself faced with the reality of securing employment post-graduation. Luckily, TPI Staffing is here to help!

Your Future is Now – So Now What?

Finally holding that symbolic piece of paper after years of hard work, it’s likely that you are experiencing a mix of emotions. Excitement? Check! Doubt? Check! Pride? Check! Uncertainty? Check!

It’s not uncommon to feel like your future hinges on a wild roller coaster of instability when first seeking out jobs after graduation, which is why partnering with TPI Staffing early on is so important. Don’t get stuck in a perpetual cycle of doubt and fear of rejection when it comes time to secure employment. Rip off the Band-Aid and contact the job-seeking experts at TPI Staffing as soon as your hand releases that sweat-drenched handshake with the dean.

Feeling Stuck? Work Through the Confusion

If you are finding yourself confused and stuck in your search for jobs after graduation, chances are you have walked through the following steps on your way to acquiring your first post-grad job. Maybe you are still stuck on one of them right this very moment – the key is partnering with TPI Staffing in order to come out on the other side with a brand new place of employment, and a paycheck in the bank.

  • Denial – This is the stage in which the high school or college graduate becomes perpetually stuck in the celebratory phase of securing that coveted diploma. If you are in the denial stage after graduating, it is likely that you feel “invincible,” and that you have all the time in the world before actually having to apply for a job. This is an easy stage to get caught up in, but once out of it, reality comes knocking – hard.
  • AngerAt this point in the journey to actual job-seeking, the newly graduated individual begins to experience intense bouts of anger at their lackadaisical interpretation of post-graduation reality. If you are currently in this particular stage, it is likely that you are kicking yourself for wasting so much time celebrating, and not actively seeking out employment. Of course, you can skip the next few steps entirely by calling TPI Staffing today, and getting in front of potential employers, stat!
  • BargainingThe third stage is typically one of the shortest lived in this process. This individual spends time crossing his or her proverbial fingers, hoping for the wasted time to suddenly present itself as a do-over. Obviously, this is not possible. As quickly as the bargaining stage begins, it ends with the realization that continuing will only result in a further time-suck.
  • DepressionAt this point in the journey to job-seeking, the newly graduated person will feel sadness surrounding his or her current circumstance. The memory of fun-filled days in academia are still fresh enough to cloud this person’s judgement of a happy future that does not include school, but rather steady employment. It’s easy to mourn the past, especially when the future seems uncertain. This stage is perhaps the darkest, but the silver lining comes directly after.
  • Acceptance This is where every person must arrive before successful job-seeking can begin to take place. As uncertain as the future may be for you as a recent graduate, it’s imperative that you accept the fact that the past will always remain where it is – and ahead is a future that is bright with untapped promise.

Coming out on the other side of an educational experience with a diploma in one hand and a major dose of reality in the other, can easily send graduates into a spiral of feeling overwhelmed and lost. The TPI Staffing team understands the importance of finding that first job after graduation, which is why partnering with a TPI Staffing agent is enormously beneficial for recent grads.


Here you are, you graduate, you! You’ve been through a roller coaster of emotions since walking across that stage, but here you are – ready for what lies ahead. Having gone through the steps of grieving the loss of your carefree younger self, it’s time to get proactive about discovering your future financially responsible self.

As uncertain as the future seems, and as stressful as job hunting can be, it’s critical to realize that there are plenty of active resources available to graduates in your exact situation. TPI Staffing is one such resource that is ready to help you find the right kind of jobs after graduation.

Before you write off using TPI Staffing due to an obvious lack of income, don’t! TPI Staffing is an effective and free resource for motivated job seekers at any level. The team at TPI works directly with local companies in New Hampshire and Vermont who are seeking out individuals like you to join their team. As a recent graduate looking for the perfect first job out of school, you will find solace in the expertise and commitment that the TPI Staffing team has to offer.

Partnering with TPI: What to Expect

Teaming with TPI Staffing to find your first job after graduation is like having a personal coach by your side throughout the most stressful time in your adult life. When you give TPI Staffing a call, you will find a friendly voice on the other end that is as determined to get you hired as you are to find a job.

Your TPI agent will get to know you, your skills, interests, and abilities, in order to match you with jobs that are a perfect fit. Rather than stress over where to send your application and when to follow up – TPI Staffing does it for you. With that level of one-on-one attention, care, and determination, why spend another minute sifting through local classified ads that never seem to pan out anyway?

Most of the jobs available through TPI Staffing offer on-the-job training, which means never having to second guess yourself again. Your agent will work closely with you throughout the entire hiring process. From polishing up your resume, to sharpening your interviewing skills, to negotiating your pay rate after getting hired, TPI Staffing is the team you need in your corner to help secure that first job after graduation.

Not sure you are ready for that level of job-seeking expertise? Feel free to peruse through the bounty of current job openings listed on the TPI Staffing website. Get a feel for how powerful a partnership with TPI Staffing could be for your future, and learn more about what it means to have TPI in your corner.

Life after graduation doesn’t have to be filled with doubt and uncertainty. With TPI Staffing, you can swap out that negativity with security, excitement, and confidence in your future direction.

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