What Should You Expect?

We provide all of our open positions on our website. You can view all of the positions by clicking Seach For Jobs. Inquire about all the positions that interest you. You’ll be asked to fill out a complete Employment Application. You can actually do that by clicking Employment Application.

Afterward completed, a highly-trained member of TPI’s top-notch recruiting team will review your information and contact you to schedule an interview.

As long as you bring an honest attitude and a couple forms of I.D. you may be able to start working as soon as the following day.

Above all, what you should expect is happy, caring people who are willing to make you, and your unique circumstances, the top priority.  What can you expect of TPI staffing?

An agency that actually cares about you. If you have more questions about the process please take a look at our Job Seeker FAQ.

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Get Started!

To apply is easy! Just complete our user-friendly application, call or stop by an office closest to you. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.

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Employee Testimonials

The process was easy and I got a job right away. The staff was amazing.
TPI Staffing saved my life … I have never been more dedicated to a job than I am to the job that I got originally through TPI and then I got hired on permanently through my company after only 6 and a half months. And now I have been there almost 8 months and I still love it! I am happy there, comfortable, I LIKE to go to work everyday, how many people can say that? If you are looking for a job give these guys a chance to help you find the job that you love … 👍You have so many options too
Stacey Dumais
I recently retired after working 31 years and found myself with nothing to do. I had heard about TPI Staffing and thought that might be a good way of keeping me busy. I went and filled out an application. Everyone was so nice and friendly. It wasn’t long before I had my fist assignment. I am so glad that I found TPI Staffing. Thank You, Amber!
Wayne Sanders
I am really pleased with my experience at TPI Staffing. The staff there is very helpful in making sure the assignments are a perfect match for both the employee and the employer. Everyone there has been wonderful in helping me find employment.
At almost forty years of age, looking to start a new career can be a very daunting task. I have taken jobs out of necessity and not had the luxury to choose something that I wanted to do. Recently, I was able to research and explore career paths while still employed and was able to take my time in determining what I wanted to do instead of what I had to do. Admittedly, finding the right fit was something I was not able to do alone. Mark Best at TPI Staffing helped me determine what my strengths and best skills were and married that to my interests.
I worked with Mike in the Claremont office. I was a stay at home mom for 10 years. When I was ready to rejoin the workforce, TPI got me a job that fit my needs as a mom with small children. At present, my children are older, and I’m now able to work full time.
TPI Staffing is a kind and efficient company.
It was very nice meeting you today. You and your staff seem very professional and very personable, and that is a refreshing change.
Thank you so sooo much for finding this job for me!! It has really been such a positive impact on my life! You have also been wonderful and so easy to work with!
Aja thanks for caring! You are clearly committed to excellence and that’s refreshing. Thanks for helping me along this path; you are one of the top recruiters I worked with, maybe the best (no one was as persistent or effective as you are).
But thank you for everything, I really enjoyed working with TPI. I’ve recommended you to a bunch of people, I’m not sure any of them came in, but the whole team and experience was great and I appreciate it.
Thank you so much for all the help I got from you guys. I will definitely come back if I need to. I tried so hard getting a job with no luck and boom next day you guys had one for me. You guys rock!