Don’t Be Such a Chicken!

Sure, sticking your neck out and figuring out which jobs in Keene, NH will be best for you is scary. Be that as it may, sticking your head in the sand isn’t an option either. The best approach is to get out there and put on a brave front, even if you have to fake it ‘til you make it. After all, the early bird catches the worm, but you’ll want to posture yourself as a bird of prey…not a chicken. Of course, it helps to have a little support behind you. The right kind of support, that is. The flock at TPI Staffing are experts at targeting the right jobs for the right candidates and understands the challenges and trepidation that accompanies the search. With extensive experience supporting employers and applicants in and around the Upper Valley, you can rest assured that you’re in good company with TPI Staffing. Shake off those nerves and look to a brighter future. Let TPI take you under their wing and help you find your new direction… […]

TPI’s Got Your KO Punch!

How long have you been looking for jobs in Keene, NH? If it’s been a while, odds are frustration is clouding your judgment. Happens to the best of us. Sometimes, we all need to step outside ourselves and see the world with fresh eyes. There’s nothing like a good punch of perspective to wake us up and re-energize our ambitions. Fortunately, for you, I’ve got the gloves on and am ready to take a few swings before sending you on your way to the next round of interviews for those killer jobs in Keene, NH. […]

Keep an Eye on Keene, NH for Your Next Job Search

When it comes to an abundance of jobs in Keene, NH, opportunity is knocking. And it’s up to you to answer the door. Not sure you’ll hear the knock? Not to worry. With TPI Staffing, you’ve got an extra set of ears and eyes on the lookout. Speaking of jobs, is it time you made a switch to a position more worthy of your skillset? Or, if you’ve been out of the market for a while, wouldn’t you like some expert assistance finding your next great opportunity? Whether you’re new to the workforce, a drone looking for a new hive, or a veteran eager to make another splash in the pool of potential jobs, TPI Staffing is your ally. And you couldn’t ask for a better territory to explore than Keene, NH. Between its diverse, yet authentically New England landscape, to its scenic backdrop, Keene is a city that pulses to the beat of the past and present, while looking ahead to the future. If you want to be a character on that future stage, contact TPI Staffing today and discover the wealth of jobs in Keene, NH, awaiting your application. Not sure which direction to head? We’ve got your roadmap at the ready. Next stop – your new job in Keene, NH. […]

Cash in on Jobs in Keene, NH

Right now, many of you might be thinking, why would anyone look for jobs in Keene, NH, or anywhere else in New England for that matter? Sure, as New Englanders, we’re hardy stock. But another snowstorm, this latest on the first day of April, is enough to test the mettle of the toughest codger in the Granite State. Talk about a sick April Fools joke! Regardless of whether you welcome more blankets of snow in place of springtime shoots, or if one more flake will freak you right out, you absolutely should still consider the jobs in Keene, NH that are available to you. What kind of jobs? Actually, quite a variety and TPI Staffing is the tool to help you access each and every one of them. Well, at least the one that’s right for you. Time and place are critical influences in everyone’s life, and right now you stand (literally and figuratively) in a unique spot. Now is the time to see what’s available in the rich community of Keene. What makes Keene such a top destination for job seekers? Where do we begin? Oh, right here… […]