Jump on the Jobs in Lebanon, NH

Calling all applicants looking for jobs in Lebanon, NH! At TPI Staffing, we’ve got your direct connection to opportunities in the Upper Valley that are sure to align with your skills and experience. Don’t have any experience? Looking to switch up your skill set? Well, there are available jobs that require no experience and offer [...]

New Hampshire, The Land of Opportunity

Mother Nature has been a real fickle beast lately, but Father Time has marched on, bringing us one step closer to spring. While she may get in one more punch via a snowstorm or deep freeze, the snow is starting to melt and soon enough shoots will brave their way past through the ground. Spring is a time long associated with renewal…and cleaning. Is it time you did some sprucing up and got serious about scoring one of the many available jobs in Lebanon, NH? If so, you’re in luck. A recent study conducted by U.S. News & World Report proves that New Hampshire ranks higher than any other state in the country for opportunity. If America is known as the “Land of Opportunity,” the “Granite State” is the headquarters. What does this mean for you, eager job seeker of the Upper Valley? It means you have your pick of the crop and that crop is yielding a serious harvest this year. With more jobs available than skilled workers to fill them, you can choose the opportunity that is ideal for your unique situation and skill set. The question now is, how do you find these jobs and start applying? By taking advantage of the outstanding team at TPI Staffing – your destination for all jobs in Lebanon, NH. Spring into action with this sharp, yet simple strategy and you’ll be in business in no time. […]

Act Your Age, Get a Job!

Manufacturing jobs in Lebanon, NH and elsewhere throughout the state are featuring in headlines and evening news reports just about every single day. You can’t pick up a copy of The Union Leader or turn on WMUR without catching some snippet about the slew of manufacturing jobs in the Granite State. What gives? Why all the fuss? In a nutshell, the issue is there are more jobs than there are applicants. Qualified applicants, that is. Great news for you job seekers out there, but is it really? If there are so many jobs, why don’t you have one? With such a targeted push to promote the manufacturing sector in New Hampshire, why are you still unemployed? It’s possible the numbers are stacked against you. No, not the number of positions available within New Hampshire’s manufacturing sector, but the number of years to your name; in other words, it could have something to do with your age. […]

Time To Get Lucky With TPI Staffing

There is exciting news this month at TPI Staffing – your destination for the best jobs in Lebanon, NH. March is the season of luck, after all, thanks to St. Pat and his crew of leprechauns. But, you don’t need to wait until March 17th to reap the benefits and line your wallet with some extra cash. How much cash? A whopping $500 – more than enough cabbage to clear one of your bills, knock down some debt, or stash in savings. How can you take advantage of TPI’s Irish-inspired generosity? Get a job! Better yet, get a job by teaming up with TPI. Any applicants who secure a job position by March 31 will be doubly rewarded, so to speak. First of all, you’ll have that dream job in Lebanon, NH, you’ve been struggling to find. Secondly, you’ll have an extra $500 to help prep for your first day or give you a little financial breathing room before your job actually begins. It’s a win-win, but in order to take advantage, you need to get your act in gear. This March promotion is reserved for the first 100 applicants per week. Time is of the essence and you’ll want luck on your side as you move forward in your job search with TPI Staffing. Determined to secure a spot among those 100 applicants? Here’s how you get started… […]