What Did You Want to be When You Grew Up?

When we’re kids, it seems like we have a thousand ideas of what we want to be when we grow up. My younger sister would proudly declare a different career aspiration on any given day with the confidence of the young and…ignorant. On Monday, she was determined to be a Rockette, on Tuesday a submarine commander, Wednesday brought about an astronaut, Thursday introduced brain surgery, and by Friday, she was hell bent on becoming a vet. The beauty of childhood dreams is that children are confident they can do anything (partly because we tell them so), and ignorant to the demands of the job, the skills and talents necessary to perform said job, and certainly what it means to do something you think you love in order to fund your life. Sometimes, the pursuit of money and the financial obligations we all face are enough to kill the love we had for a given pursuit or profession. It’s one thing to love animals. It’s another thing entirely to commit to caring for them in order to survive. It’s a jungle out there, after all, and many of us get lost on our ventures. That’s when it helps to have a buddy – a professional pal who knows the ropes, the shortcuts, and the way to go when you feel completely unsure where next to turn. Okay, so maybe you haven’t grown up yet, and who even knows what that really means. How can any of us prove that we’ve grown up? And, if we could, do we want to? No matter what, if you’re ready to find explore new terrain – namely, the available jobs in Claremont, NH, it’s time to call TPI Staffing. […]

Got Talent in Claremont? How About a Job?

When it comes to showcasing talent, Claremont is where it’s at. This past Saturday, February 18, a variety of local and regional talent took the stage at The Claremont Opera House for “Claremont’s Got Talent.” The annual talent show, co-produced by ClockTower Productions and World Under Wonder, drew a range of amazing applicants and the curtain closed to resounding applause. Proof that Claremont is the place to spread your wings and share your strengths with the community. But what if the very thought of showcasing your talents gives you stage fright? If that’s the case, finding jobs in Claremont, NH has surely proven difficult, perhaps even impossible. Rest assured, with the right acting coach, you’ll be center stage in no time. Not sure where to turn or whom to ask for help? You’ve already come to the right place because you’re reading this blog. The team at TPI Staffing is ready to direct you towards your next big break. Steal the spotlight and take center stage under the professional eye of TPI Staffing’s expert talent scouts. You need to land one of the amazing jobs in Claremont, NH. With TPI Staffing, you’re only a step away. All it takes is some moxie, and a minute to pull yourself together and prep for your close up. […]

President’s Day Presents a Perfect Opportunity

Long weekends are great when you can actually enjoy them without a care in the world. But for those of you looking for jobs in Claremont, NH, the long weekend afforded by President’s Day offers a unique opportunity to get a jump on the competition. You need a job, not another day off. As such, you should take advantage of the holiday to pause for the cause and post up to your computer. Skip the bars, deny the couch surfing, and buckle down to embark on a better professional and personal life than the one you’re currently enduring. After all, life should not be endured, but enjoyed. Granted, it’s damn near impossible to do that if your job, or lack thereof, makes you want to swan dive off the nearest tall building. Who better to get some sage professional advice from than the Founding Fathers? In honor of President’s Day, let the team at TPI Staffing help you campaign for one of the jobs in Claremont, NH you were born to do. Born under a bad sign? No sweat…TPI Staffing can help you rewrite history and embark on a career that will better your lot in life…bigly. (Note: We at TPI Staffing acknowledge that Trump is not a Founding Father, but he does mean business). […]

Your Next Job is in Claremont, NH

Let’s get real. The Patriots just crushed their fifth Super Bowl victory and with today’s parade, challenged by this latest dumping of snow, the last thing anyone wants to think about is work. Rhianna might have hounded, “Work, work, work, work, work,” but party, party, party is the mood. However, if you’re looking for jobs in Claremont, NH, you need to get right with Coach Bill Belichick right now. Surrounded by a million fans today, Belichick led the crowd in a chant of “No days off!” Even the fans weren’t deterred by lousy weather conditions or…work. In fact, many probably sent up prayers of thanks for today’s widespread school cancellations, which granted them permission to join the parade – literally. According to one fan, “It can rain, sleet, snow – it’s New England, we’re used to it. We’ll be ready for anything, we wouldn’t miss this for the world.” And you? Would you miss your chance at being the first in line for jobs in Claremont, NH? […]